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Power of Maths

Schools: Contact your local sales rep for a FREE trial of Power of Maths. Find your local sales rep here

The FIRST new Leaving Certificate Maths series since the full implementation and examination of the new syllabus.

  • Four new books being published - two for Ordinary Level Paper 1 and 2, and two for Higher Level Paper 1 and 2. Textbooks all have accompanying activity books
  • Students who use the Power of Maths series will be fully prepared for the demands of the most recent Leaving Certificate exams.
  • Each chapter begins with a useful set of learning outcomes to guide students. 
  • Content within each chapter is introduced in a staged and graded manner that ensures the principles of Maths are firmly established before students are guided through more complex material. 
  • Theory is written in simple, logical language.
  • Tip and Key Terms boxes appear throughout to aid understanding.
  • Chapters are packed with Worked Examples (explain the reasoning behind a given approach to solving a problem), Numbered Examples (apply the principles learnt to all types of situations) and Short Examples (short and snappy explanations).
  • Activity boxes in the margin link directly with the accompanyng student activity books so students can try the optional extra questions and put their learning into practice. 
  • Students are asked to apply the techniques they learn to real-life situations, as required by the Leaving Cert exam. 
  • Revision questions at the end of each section provide plenty of practice of the types of questions examined in the Leaving Certificate exam. 
  • End-of-chapter summaries reinforce and embed learning.    

Schools: Contact your local sales rep for a FREE trial of Power of Maths. Find your local sales rep here.