Alles Klar - ebook only


Alles Klar is The ONLY three-year book for Junior Cycle German 

*** Ebook works on ALL computers (desktop and laptop) and devices (including iPads and Android tablets) ***


  • All audio from the Alles Klar CDs are embedded throughout the ebook
  • Clear and easy to follow, in line with the common-level course.
  • Makes revisiting First Year topics quick and convenient.
  • Deals comprehensively with the cultural aspect of language learning and opens up the German-speaking world beyond Europe, to include areas of South America and Africa.
  • Learning intentions outline the topics, grammar and culture in each chapter.
  • Lerntipp! feature provides important information and helpful tips to foster language awareness.
  • Stadtbild at the end of each chapter details the landmarks, food, famous people and interesting facts about German-speaking cities to build intercultural awareness.
  • Self-assessment checkpoints help students monitor their progress.
  • Roleplays prepare students for Classroom-Based Assessments and real-world scenarios.
  • Wortschatz highlights words and phrases to improve comprehension of new topics.
  • Deutch Direkt feature gives real-world context to vocabulary, including articles, posters and infographics.
  • Wiederholung revises the vocabulary and grammar in each chapter.

Embedded Audio

  • Ebook plays audio for the listening exercises in each chapter.
  • Pronunciation of key vocabulary.
  • Monologues, dialogues and group conversations.
  • News reports and public announcements with sound effects for authenticity.