Allons-y 1 - Junior Cycle French


Allons-y 1 is a comprehensive, vibrant and engaging package for First Year Junior Cycle French. The package includes the textbook, a Mon Chef d'oeuvre portfolio book, a Lexique book, two accompanying audio CDs, a free ebook and access to online Language classes.  

Textbook features:

  • Popular topics appear in a familiar, well-paced sequence to build a foundation for communication and expression
  • Thematic chapters begin with learning intentions to outline main topics, grammar points and cultural information
  • Information is presented in clear language at an appropriate reading age for the new common-level course
  • Concepts are reinforced through integrated listening, reading, oral and writing exercises
  • Clearly identifiable grammar boxes are immediately followed with practise tasks
  • Des mots clés boxes highlight new words and phrases
  • Consistent wording helps build familiarity with the language and allows for the gradual phasing out of English instructions
  • Rappelez ! feature provides important information and helpful tips to foster language awareness
  • Self-assessment checks after key topics help students to monitor their progress
  • Le dossier francophone pages build socio-cultural knowledge and intercultural awareness by introducing the landmarks, food and traditions of places around the world where French is a common language
  • Résumé sections at the end of each chapter offer a bank of exercises to reinforce new vocabulary and concepts
  • Le texte authentique feature gives real-world context to topics in the form of menus, posters, articles, weather forecasts and signage

Mon chef d’œuvre portfolio book is a place for students to:

  • Create their own ‘masterpieces’ in traditional and digital formats
  • Reflect on and evaluate their progress and identify learning strategies
  • Complete carefully-scaffolded tasks to develop skills in preparation for Classroom-Based Assessments

Lexique book features:

  • Relevant nouns, adjectives and verbs from the textbook in alphabetical order for ease of use
  • Space to add new words
  • Present tense conjugation of the most useful verbs from Allons-y 1

CDs contain:

  • Vocabulary, conversations and simple bulletins to build aural understanding and aid pronunciation

View sample pages by using the arrow keys on your keyboard, or drag the top right hand corner of the page with your mouse.