Artefact - ebook only


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Note: The printed double-sided Artefact Sources & Skills / Research Portfolio book is available to purchase separately here

A forward-thinking approach to looking back. Artefact is a complete package for the new Junior Cycle History course. Written specifically to cater to the requirements of the new specification by practising teachers.

  • Artefact features fold-out Irish and world history timelines for easy reference, allowing students to place events in context. 
  • Skill-based chapters on The Historian and The Archaeologist introduce students to key methods and knowledge needed to explore the past such as understanding time and timelines and working with evidence
  • Chapters begin with a simple timeline, a short introduction to what will be studied, and relevant sources and evidence for vital context.
  • Chapters are divided into sub-topics to assist teachers in constructing lessons. Each sub-topic begins with a brief list of learning intentions and contains question checkpoints to assess knowledge and understanding as students move through the material. 
  • Working With the Evidence feature integrated throughout every chapter offers students a wide range of sources to examine and respond to such as posters, photographs, speeches and extracts from written documents. 
  • Life in Time feature highlights key figures and introduces students to their background and contribution to history.
  • Chapter summaries and ‘Reflecting on…’ feature allow students to draw conclusions and make links with related topics or the contemporary world.
  • Chapters end with revision-style Understanding History questions and summative Exploring History questions and tasks that help students to consider issues, make judgments and express viewpoints. 
  • A Key Terms list with definitions appears at the end of each chapter for easy revision.