Catalyst - Junior Cycle Science - ebook only


*** Ebook works on ALL computers (desktop and laptop) and devices (including iPads and Android tablets) ***



    Your companion for change to the new course! 

    Covers the course in clear language at an appropriate reading age for students of this new common level course.

    Nature of Science is introduced in its own chapter and integrated throughout the four contextual strands.

    Dedicated sections for each of the contextual strands: Biological WorldChemical WorldPhysical World and Earth and Space.

    Topics are conveniently organised into double-page spreads.

    Learning intentions and key words are identified for students at the start of each topic.

    Tasks are clearly distinguished under recognisable icons. They prompt students to engage in scientific inquiry and research, as well as promoting the development of scientific literacy and numeracy skills.

    GO links throughout the text highlight links between concepts and strands and help students to develop a rounded understanding of science.

    Assessment is integrated within and at the end of every chapter, with peer assessmentpair work and group work encouraged throughout.

    End-of-chapter summaries embed learning and act as a useful revision tool.

    End-of-chapter Working as a Scientist tasks put learning to practical use and help students to understand the role of science in their lives.