Citizen - Junior Cycle CSPE - ebook only


*** Ebook works on ALL computers (desktop and laptop) and devices (including iPads and Android tablets) ***


With an up-to-date approach, Citizen was written with the Wellbeing guidelines and CSPE Short Course specification in mind, so Citizen is right up to date with course requirements and recent developments in human rights, citizenship and democracy. It has been published to coincide with the final written exam in CSPE and a new era for the subject in schools.

  • Relevant learning outcomes highlighted in every chapter
  • Every lesson follows a very clear structure: Think, Discover, Investigate, Consider, Create, Reflect.
  • Investigate section provides articles, infographics, imagery, reports and posters to offer real-world context and bring the subject to life.
  • Lessons open with a provocative Think task so students can immediately engage with the topic at hand.
  • Questions and tasks integrated throughout every chapter offer a wide range of active learning ideas and activities.
  • Regularly signposted Response Journal links offer students a chance to complete meaningful tasks and put their learning into practice.

Note: Available separately, printed Response Journal