Clé à La Grammaire


Clé à la Grammaire - French Grammar and Practice is a comprehensive grammar reference and practice book for all Post Primary students of French. The easy-to-follow theory and practice book will help students achieve a better grade in both written and oral expression, by improving their use of grammar.

  • All aspects of French grammar for Leaving Certificate covered (including the subjunctive!)
  • A structured and logical sequence to gradually build knowledge of French grammar
  • Jam-packed with relevant practice exercises (more than 300 exercises, containing over 3,500 grammar items!)
  • Includes typical exam questions and plenty of French-English and English-French translation exercises
  • Focuses on common areas of difficulty for Irish students of French, with handy grammar tips throughout
  • A revision chapter provides a wealth of extra practice - great for tests!
  • Lively cartoon images reinforce grammar points

View sample pages by using the arrow keys on your keyboard, or drag the top right hand corner of the page with your mouse.