The Custodian Workbook


Workbook for 4th-6th class students to accompany The Custodian Novel.

Written by Mr Frank Kelly from Durrow N.S..

The Custodian Workbook will motivate and challenge your students to think clearly and critically and discuss and debate with gusto. Innovative activities are used to steer them to an emotional and imaginative response to the text. A variety of tasks invite the student to reason and re-tell, debate and dramatise, imagine alternative scenarios and write dialogues and character interactions.

The Custodian Workbook will set them talking and keep them talking, get them writing and keep them writing as they respond to the fast-paced action of this unique novel written for and by students.

* Activities to accompany each chapter reinforce themes

* Discussion topics encourage development of verbal skills

* Research and tasks improve written skills 

* Varying levels of difficulty cater to all students