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Excellence in English Literature HL Paper 2 (2017)


Excellence in English Literature (Higher Level 2017) is a comprehensive package (textbook, ebook and digital resources) that helps students towards success in the  Leaving Certificate Higher Level English Paper 2. 

•    Uses a unique READ – ANALYSE – MAKE method to develop the essential skills required for understanding and discussing texts.

•    Offers outstanding choice in all three sections of Paper 2, covering two Single Texts and three different groups of the Comparative Texts prescribed for Higher Level in 2017 and all of the poems set for each of the 2017 prescribed poets.

•    Advances the student’s knowledge of the characters, themes, unique stylistic features, background and plot, in relation to their chosen Single Text.

•    Reveals the essential similarities and differences between the Comparative Texts, with reference to each of the modes set for 2017 – Theme or Issue, the General Vision and Viewpoint, Literary Genre.

•    Provides students with lively and engaging audio lectures on each of the 2017 prescribed poets. 

•    Offers a comprehensive overview of each poet’s themes and interests and characteristic style and viewpoint, supported by lively and detailed discussions of how such themes and stylistic features are present in each of the prescribed poems, and how they should be explored by the student in examination-style essays. 

•    Combines an easy-to-use layout, innovative design and lively style to guide students confidently towards mastering Paper 2.

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