Fiesta - Junior Cycle Spanish PLUS Portfolio


A complete course in Junior Cycle Spanish. Includes portfolio book, FREE ebook plus FREE Fiesta app on Google Play and Apple App Store

Features of Fiesta

  • Integrated listening, reading, oral and writing exercises build a foundation for communicative competence
  • Learning intentions outline topics, grammar and culture at the start of each unit
  • Grammar explanations followed by practice tasks
  • In-unit vocabulario boxes and end-of-book glossary offer ease of reference
  • ¡Ojo! feature fosters language awareness
  • Preguntas claves feature identifies the key oral questions for each topic
  • Autoevaluación checks after key topics
  • El mundo hispanohablante feature and culture-based exercises build socio-cultural knowledge and intercultural awareness
  • La revisión section at the end of each unit reinforces new vocabulary and concepts
  • El texto auténtico feature provides real-world context

Portafolio - a place for students to:

  • Compile a collection of written, digital and creative texts in preparation for Classroom-Based Assessments
  • Keep a record of useful responses to oral questions
  • Reflect on and evaluate their progress and identify language-learning strategies
  • Find out about assessment for Junior Cycle Spanish and practise exam-style questions

Fiesta app - free download on Google Play and Apple App Store - allows students to practise Junior Cycle Spanish on the go with unit-based lessons