Geography in Action - NEW 2018 - ebook only


*** Ebook works on ALL computers (desktop and laptop) and devices (including iPads and Android tablets) ***


The New Geography in Action package is written specifically to cater to the requirements of the new Junior Cycle Geography Specification.

     Ebook includes:

  • Embedded animations and videos throughout. 
  • The first page of every chapter offers students a short introduction to what they are about to study and an ice-breaker activity to encourage engagement. 
  • Creative pair- and group-work activities and video lessons appear throughout.
  • Graded questions and self-assessment checks after every topic help students to monitor their progress.
  • Up-to-date and relevant Case Studies bring Geography to life for students.
  • Chapters end with a revision summary, a sample answer, questions and a visual summary.
  • A Key Words section and a Maps section (with physical and political maps of Ireland, Europe and the World) are included at the back of the book. 
  • Topics are presented in awell-paced and structured sequence and clear simple language is used throughout.