Get Constructive


GET CONSTRUCTIVE: A Modern Approach to Construction Studies is the most up-to-date textbook on the subject available to Leaving Cert students.

It approaches construction from the ground up, in the same way as buildings are actually built.

GET CONSTRUCTIVE begins with planning and works through all aspects of building, its materials and techniques. It is tailored to Irish practice, but also looks ahead to developments in building styles we may see in the future.


  • All elements are up to date with current building regulations
  • Detailed technical drawings with dimensional requirements accompany the text
  • 3D CAD models illustrate key building elements
  • Complete technical drawings section for ease of reference
  • Full colour images and illustrations of the building process
  • Sample sketches which students can follow in their own work
  • Step-by-step U-value calculations
  • Explores modern passive design techniques and environmental standards
  • Suggested experiments for student projects
  • Learning objectives and keywords highlight what students need to know
  • Practice questions and examination questions test students' knowledge further

View sample pages by using the arrow keys on your keyboard, or drag the top right hand corner of the page with your mouse.