@Home with the Practical (Recipes) Book - ebook only


Note: The printed @Home With The Practical book is included FREE with the @Home textbook package which is available to purchase HERE.

The practical food skills examination is worth 50% of students’ final mark in Home Economics. @Home gives due attention to this weighting of marks as the ONLY textbook that comes with its own dedicated practical book.

  • Clear guidance on safety, hygiene and practical kitchen skills for beginners. Filled with information for Junior Cycle cooks!
  • 70+ tried and tested recipes, carefully chosen to practise and develop dozens of cookery skills and methods across the three years of Junior Cycle.
  • Each dish has a clear link with at least one of the Food Literary Skills Brief areas identified in the specification, giving your students a ready-made bank of recipes to choose from for CBA 2 and the practical food skills examination.
  • Double-page presentation of recipes show students ingredients and equipment required, step-by-step method and tips on modification.
  • Preparation time clearly stated, allowing you to choose suitable dishes for your double or one-hour class.
  • Clear information on all areas of CBA 2 and the practical food skills examination, from initial research to final dish and evaluation.
  • Guidance based on the official Assessment Guidelines.
  • Written by Complete Home Economics author and experienced practical examiner Laura Healy.