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Junior Cycle Irish Ordinary Level SAMPLE PAPERS & Revision Kit

  • Educate.ie’s Junior Cycle Gaeilge Papers contain the SEC Sample Paper and Educate.ie Sample Papers
  • FREE accompanying exam audio moble app on Apple App Store (iPhone) and the Google Play Store (Android).  
  • Matched to the format of the recently released SEC Sample Paper with content carefully chosen to help your students prepare for this new exam and build up to completing their paper well in the time available
  • Listening audio matched exactly to SEC Sample Paper audio with all required repeats and pauses
  • Written by Educate.ie’s leading Gaeilge author Risteard MacLiam of Turas
  • FREE hardcopy solution book for the teacher containing fully worked out solutions to the SEC Sample Paper and all Educate.ie Sample Papers and full transcripts of listening exam audio when you adopt Educate.ie Sample Papers for your class
  • Educate.ie’s Sample Papers are not just sample papers they are your Sample Papers And Revision Kit – an all-in-one book of papers, exam advice and revision material sure to SPARK results!