Just Grammar - 3rd Class


Compiled, Written, and Class Tested by a team of Experienced, Practising Primary Teachers, Just Grammar is a fresh approach that puts grammar in context. 

  • One-A-Week: learn a grammar point each week of the school year
  • Covers every Primary grammar point from nouns, verbs and adjective to passive voice, gerunds and past participles
  • Each primary grammar point simplified with accessible and consistent definitions
  • fresh approach that puts grammar in context
  • All Primary grammar points covered in one comprehensive pupil-friendly book
  • Strict continuity of grammar points & thorough and constant revision
  • Each grammar point acts as a springboard to creative and functional writing
  • Appealing activities throughout plus ideas for fast finishers at the end of each page
  • solid grasp of English grammar makes learning other languages easier
  • End of year assessment for each level
  • Aligned with the primary language curriculum
  • See educateplus.ie for answers, notes on grammar points and a simple yearly plan

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