Kingdom 1 - Junior Cycle English - ebook only


Kingdom 1 is part of the only series produced for Junior Cycle English since the course was first examined. Note: the printed Portfolio/Grammar Primer book is available for separate purchase. 

*** Ebook works on ALL computers (desktop and laptop) and devices (including iPads and Android tablets) ***


Ebook features:

  • Embedded audio throughout
  • Units on: Writing With PurposePoetry and SongFictionMedia and AdvertisingStage and ScreenRelationships: A thematic approach
  • Each unit opens with a set of learning intentions and a discussion task to lead students to their own understanding of the genre
  • Material is carefully sequenced from basic building blocks to more complex concepts, with particular focus on the subset of 22 Learning Outcomes for First Year
  • Packed with fiction and non-fiction extractsshort storiesaudio and video material, dramagraphic novelsmedia and infographics, and poems to offer plenty of variety and choice
  • Tasks are organised under five key headings: Discuss, Understand, Explore, Create, Investigate
  • Focus on’ feature highlights new poetic and literary devices, and new concepts are immediately reinforced with a range of integrated tasks
  • Work Together icon highlights opportunities for pair and group work
  • 3 Up answer technique (Start Up, Back Up, Sum Up) gives students a simple, effective strategy for answering questions
  • New grammar and language points are presented on clearly identifiable pages with practice tasks immediately after, integrated grammar assessment following texts and further activities in the dedicated Grammar Primer
  • Regularly signposted Portfolio links offer students a chance to create their own texts and put their learning into practice
  • Units end with a Revision section featuring summative written and oral assessments, language skills tasks and an opportunity to reflect on the unit
  • Kingdom 1 ends with an optional mini theme on relationships to give students a flavour of what they will study in Second and Third Year