Maths in Action 3


Maths in Action 3 is a two-year course in Junior Certificate Higher Level Maths for students who have completed Maths in Action 1 (CIC). It contains all five strands of the Project Maths Syllabus for Junior Cycle. Written by teachers from Project Maths Pilot schools, all material is up-to-date with the latest syllabus requirements and has been extensively class tested. This book guides second and third year Higher Level maths students through their syllabus, using methods that will prepare them for their Junior Certificate exam and for the application of maths in real-life scenarios.

Key features of this book include:

  • Revision of material covered in first year
  • Learning Outcomes show content is in line with syllabus requirements
  • Key Words at the start of each chapter help with literacy
  • Language is simple and accessible
  • Examples are clear and concise
  • Questions are well graded and in line with the syllabus
  • Activities link to the new approach
  • End of chapter ‘Challenges’ show how maths can be fun!
  • Self-Check Tests encourage independent learning and assessment of learning
  • Knowledge Checklists aid revision

Each printed textbook comes with a free ebook and further resources are available on our resource site,

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