My Wellbeing Journal - Teacher's Resource Book


This programme is based on the I AM online course for primary teachers. The course was created by Nikki Roberts and produced by DWP Ltd. The course is hosted by the Education Centre Tralee.
Some testimonials from course participants:

‘This was by far the most beneficial course I have completed in a very long time. Integrating Art and Mindfulness is a course I would highly recommend to anyone.’

‘The course was the most enjoyable summer course I have ever done.’

‘I felt calm and relaxed and I will certainly be incorporating the course content into my teaching.’

‘This course Integrating Art and Mindfulness is the most worthwhile course I have completed in a long time.’

The Teacher’s Book includes: 60 art and mindfulness lesson plans, a yearly art and mindfulness scheme, additional information and teacher resources.

The Pupil’s Journal enables the child to record their wellbeing journey. The child engages in mindfulness while creating art such as mandalas, zendalas and labyrinths.

The child learns:

  • how to use simple tools to cope with stress
  • how to recognise and deal with anxiety
  • how to swap negative thoughts for positive ones
  • how to use their breathing to relax
  • how the amygdala in our brain can keep us on high alert… until we control it.

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