Power of Maths Paper 1 (HL) - ebook only


*** Ebook works on ALL computers (desktop and laptop) and devices (including iPads and Android tablets) ***


Power of Maths is the first new Leaving Certificate Higher Level series since the full implementation and examination of the new Maths syllabus.

The Power of Maths Higher Level package includes two textbooks (with free ebooks), two Activity Books, step-by-step instructional videos and fully worked-out solutions.

Power of Maths introduces content in a staged and graded manner and ensures that the principles of Maths are firmly established before students are guided through more complex material.

Students who use the Power of Maths series will be fully prepared for the demands of the most recent Leaving Certificate exam papers.

Key features of Power of Maths Paper 1 HL:

• Each chapter begins with a useful set of learning outcomes to guide students through the content

• Tip and Key Term boxes appear throughout to aid understanding

• Chapters are packed with Worked Examples (explain the reasoning behind a given approach to solving a problem), Numbered Examples (apply the principles learnt to all types of situations) and Short Examples (short and snappy explanations)

• Exercises are graded and appear at regular intervals

• Students are asked to apply the techniques they learn to real-life situations

• Activity boxes in the margin direct students to optional extra activities in the Activity Book

• Digital icons link to step-by-step instructional videos by the authors and other digital resources on www.educateplus.ie

• Revision questions at the end of each section provide plenty of practice of the type of questions examined in the Leaving Certificate exam

• Revision summaries at the end of each section reinforce and embed learning

• Higher Level and Ordinary Level follow the same sequence to facilitate transition from one level to another

• The Power of Maths series can be used as a follow-on from any Junior Cycle Maths series.