In Transition (ebook only)


*** Ebook works on ALL computers (desktop and laptop) and devices (including iPads and Android tablets) ***

In Transition is the first book to really address the need for a Transition Year English text. Thoughtful and stimulating in equal measure, it is certain to excite the minds of modern teenagers.

The anthology ranges through the works of some of the world’s great novelists, poets, songwriters and dramatists. Along the way, it unearths a further array of writers that students will not have discovered before.

Leading journalists offer thought-provoking essays on issues of the day, and students are also invited to engage with the ideas of major public figures, whose speeches will provide plenty of material for classroom debate.

In Transition presents a lively exploration of media, film studies and photography that complements other activities in the Transition Year programme.

The book uses a modular approach, tailored to fit the time allocated to the subject in the classroom. Compiled so as to have specific links to the Leaving Certificate, each module closes with exercises to help students get the most from the material.