Turas 1 FIRST EDITION + Portfolio


Turas 1 is an engaging and creative new textbook written in line with the new Junior Cycle Irish specification. Note: The included portfolio/activity book is combined - printed as two-books-in-one.

  • Free ebook with all the lesson excercise audio embedded and playable. Listening comprehensions in all 3 dialects, recordings of songs, stories, poems and a selection of the reading comprehensions.
  • Real-world topics are presented in a well-paced and structured sequence with an emphasis on developing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
  • Engaging tasks encourage students to talk to one another in Irish.
  • Self-assessment checks after key topics help students to monitor their progress.
  • Creative pair and group work activities encourage students to engage with one another and to develop their communication skills.
  • Listening and revision tasks appear throughout each chapter and in the end-of chapter Súil Siar section.  
  • Grammar lessons appear in context in the chapter and in a separate easy-to-understand Treoir Ghramadaí section at the back of the book.
  • Culture Sections link the language community with the classroom and help students develop the skills they will need for classroom-based assessments. 

Mo Phunann - The Turas 1 Portfolio is a place where students will be able to:

  • note the key words and phrases they learn in each chapter
  • create fantastic examples of their work
  • reflect on their learning and their use of the Junior Cycle Key Skills

Mo Leabhar Ghníomhaíochta - The Turas 1 Activity Book encourages students to:

  • complete a wide range of vocabulary and grammar exercises
  • complete self-assessment checklists
  • develop action plans based on their self-assessment
  • practise listening skills in a Listening Comprehension section.
  • access listening scripts to help with the listening comprehensions.

View sample pages by using the arrow keys on your keyboard, or drag the top right hand corner of the page with your mouse.