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Verse 2020 - Leaving Cert English Higher Level Poetry + FREE Portfolio


This edition of Verse contains all eight poets prescribed for examination in 2020 and includes a FREE Poetry Skills Portfolio book. 

  • Features a clear, colourful A4 layout. A key image accompanies each poem.
  • Timeline for each poet offers relevant biographical detail to give context to their work.
  • Pre-reading and comprehending and responding questions for all poems.
  • Exploring section after each poem offers immediate, clear analysis in a concise format. Relevant quotation and biographical detail are integrated in the commentary, providing a model for essay answers.
  • Creating section contains innovative writing assignments prompted by the poem, which allow practise for Paper 1 through the study of poetry with common formats such as letters and blog posts.
  • End-of-chapter theme sections contain handy reference tables showing the main themes within each poem. Major themes are explored in-depth, bringing together an overall analysis of the poet.
  • End-of-chapter language and imagery sections offer notes on key literary techniques used by the poet with relevant examples for each.
  • Sample essay plans and paragraphs for each poet develop skills in building structured answers that respond accurately to the question asked.
  • Unseen Poetry section offers friendly guidance on approaching the unseen question with a variety of fresh poems and songs.
  • Glossary of poetic terms gives clear explanations to refer back to when needed.
  • Exam Advice sections provide useful information on preparing for and answering on prescribed and unseen poetry.

Poetry Skills Portfolio

Create an invaluable revision guide for exam-time. Build up knowledge of studied poets. Develop writing skills for producing exam-standard essay answers.

The Verse Poetry Skills Portfolio contains: mind maps, word banks, biography tasks, theme, language and imagery note templates, paragraph-writing tasks and dedicated space for writing sample essays.

View sample pages by using the arrow keys on your keyboard, or drag the top right hand corner of the page with your mouse.