Verse 2022 - Leaving Cert English Higher Level Poetry + FREE Portfolio


Verse 2022 - Leaving Cert English Higher Level Poetry:

  • Contains all eight poets prescribed for examination in 2022.
  • FREE ebook edition included
  • Features a clear, colourful A4 layout. A key image accompanies each poem.
  • Timeline for each poet offers relevant biographical detail to give context to their work.
  • Pre-reading and comprehending and responding questions for all poems.
  • Exploring section after each poem offers immediate, clear analysis in a concise format. Relevant quotation and biographical detail are integrated in the commentary, providing a model for essay answers.
  • Creating section contains innovative writing assignments prompted by the poem, which allow practise for Paper 1 through the study of poetry with common formats such as letters and blog posts.
  • End-of-chapter theme sections contain handy reference tables showing the main themes within each poem. Major themes are explored in-depth, bringing together an overall analysis of the poet.
  • End-of-chapter language and imagery sections offer notes on key literary techniques used by the poet with relevant examples for each.
  • Sample essay plans and paragraphs for each poet develop skills in building structured answers that respond accurately to the question asked.
  • Unseen Poetry section offers friendly guidance on approaching the unseen question with a variety of fresh poems and songs.
  • Glossary of poetic terms gives clear explanations to refer back to when needed. 
  • Exam Advice sections provide useful information on preparing for and answering on prescribed and unseen poetry.

Poetry Skills Portfolio (included FREE)

  • Create an invaluable revision guide for exam-time. Build up knowledge of studied poets. Develop writing skills for producing exam-standard essay answers.
  • The Verse Poetry Skills Portfolio contains:
  • mind maps
  • word banks
  • biography tasks
  • theme, language and imagery note templates
  • paragraph-writing tasks
  • dedicated space for writing sample essays.