Verse 2023 - Leaving Cert English Ordinary Level Poetry (ebook only)


The ebook version of this poetry anthology for Ordinary Level contains a full exam-style question for every poem, comprehensively preparing students to answer their poetry section with confidence.

  • Contains all of the poetry prescribed for the 2023 Ordinary Level examination.
  • Features a clearA4 layout, with brightcolourful imagery.
  • Glossary of poetic terms gives clear explanations to refer back to when needed.
  • A short biography for each poet details key events from their life.
  • Pre-reading questions promote discussion and aid understanding.
  • Each poem is accompanied by a key image and a glossary.
  • Understanding sections provide brief summaries and stanza-by-stanza or line-by-line guides.
  • Exploring sections analyse language and imagerytone and theme.
  • Responding sections for each poem feature a write-in poetic techniques tablecomprehension questions and a full exam-style question.
  • Exam advice sections provide useful information on preparing for and answering on prescribed and unseen poetry, including sample answers and analysis.
  • Unseen poetry section offers a variety of fresh poems to practise answering this question.