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World of Graphics - Junior Cycle Graphics + Activity Book


World of Graphics is the complete package for the new Junior Cycle Graphics course. Clear language and innovative activities engage students and encourage participation across all three strands: 2D Graphics, 3D Graphics and Applied Graphics.

Features of World of Graphics


  • FREE ebook version included
  • Learning intentions and keywords at the start of each chapter
  • Creative and engaging activities (pair work, group work, ice-breaker, numeracy, etc.)
  • Use of graphics in the world around us highlighted
  • Innovative questions and self-assessment checkpoints
  • Accurate and clear diagrams
  • Revision activities and preparation for CBA and project activities
  • SolidWorks projects to develop CAD skills
  • Well-paced and structured sequence
  • Clear and simple language
  • Keywords revision section at the end of the textbook

Activity Book

The A3 Activity Book contains a wide range of additional questions based on the textbook chapters. 

Digital Resources

Go to www.educateplus.ie/resources/world-of-graphics to access videos and animations.