Alles Klar - Portfoliobuch


This portfolio book is also available FREE with the Alles Klar textbook for Junior Cycle German, available for separate purchase here

Features of the Alles Klar Portfoliobuch:

  • Large A4 size, same dimensions as textbook.
  • Builds a collection of student texts and a record of learning.
  • Extended writing tasks, including formal and informal letters, emails, postcards, blog posts, reviews and short stories.
  • Creative exercises, including invitations, posters and pamphlets.
  • Research tasks, including use of German websites.
  • Group oral tasks, such as weather reports, surveys, presentations and debates.
  • Practice completing forms and reservations.
  • Über mich! factfile.
  • Sprechen Revision linked to each chapter topic.
  • Alles Klar? self-evaluation for each textbook chapter.