Allons-y 2 - Junior Cycle French PLUS Portfolio and Vocabulary book


Allons-y 2 for Second and Third Year builds on Allons-y 1 to deepen Communicative competence, Language awareness and Socio-cultural knowledge and intercultural awareness in completion of the Junior Cycle French course.

Allons-y 2 includes:

  • Textbook offers a wide range of written, oral and listening exercises that cover popular, practical topics: Ma journée, Faire des projets, La ville et la campagne, Le transport, Les vacances, Le camping, La cuisine, La santé, La technologie, Le monde du travail, L’actualité.
  • Mon chef d’œuvre portfolio provides a record of learning for Classroom-Based Assessments and includes creative exercises, digital research tasks, extended writing tasks, group oral tasks and self-evaluation
  • Lexique is an easy-to-use reference for vocabulary and verbs covered in Allons-y 1 and 2, with extra space for students to record additional vocabulary they encounter.
  • CDs contain pronunciation of key vocabulary, monologues, dialogues, group conversations, news reports and public announcements, with sound effects for authenticity.
  • Transparent Language Online account offers interactive activities for each chapter, including pronunciation practice, translation exercises and reading comprehensions.

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