Just Phonics 1st Class


Includes a Spellings Booklet for Practice.

  • Primary Phonics Course.
  • The 1st-3rd Class books in the Just Phonics series revise the 42 sounds and introduce and consolidate the remainder of the phonics programme
  • Revision of Senior Infant Programme Plus:
    Magic e, common word families (_ame, _ake, _ale, _ate, _
    ide, _ine, _ice, Two syllable words. Alternate Vowel Sounds:
    ea (pea) and ea (head); ew (blew) and ew (stew); y (teddy)
    and (cry); ow (slow) and (owl); igh, ight, alk, au, oy, ey, er, ir,
    ur, air, are, ear, Soft c and Soft g, tch, ph and gh.

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