Kingdom 2 - Junior Cycle English PLUS Portfolio book


Kingdom 2 for Second and Third Year is part of the only series produced for Junior Cycle English since the course was first examined. 

  • Free ebook with embedded audio throughout
  • Thematic Units; Home Is Where the Heart Is, The World Around Me, Tracing My Travels, Courage Through Conflict, Breaking Barriers, Mapping Milestones, Let Freedom Ring, Facing Challenges, Looking Back
  • Each unit opens with a set of learning intentions and a discussion task to lead students to their own understanding of the theme.
  • Textsquestions and activities reflect the style and approach of the written examination.
  • Maintains features of Kingdom 1 such as Focus On boxes3 Up answer technique and assessment structured under the five key headings: DiscussExploreInvestigateUnderstandCreate
  • Study of poetrydrama and short stories is completely integrated within theme.
  • Extracts and poems are used as a springboard to pose questions related to studied texts.
  • Portfolio Book features creative tasks with space and checklists for redrafting and sample exam-style questions with answer space.

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