My Wellbeing Journal - Parent's Book


Parent's Book to accompany the My Wellbeing Journal primary book series. 

There is no such thing as the "Perfect Parent". This book is part of the "I AM" Integrating Art & Mindfulness programme and aims to help the reader navigate their way on their journey towards becoming an "Effective Parent". It is useful on its own or as part of the programme.

It is for parents, grandparents, child-carers and guardians, for those in a coupled relationship, single, married, separated or divorced. In other words, it is for everyone involved in the caring of children and offers practical suggestions and solutions to help them realise they are 'enough' at each stage of their personal journey.

The “I AM” Integrating Art & Mindfulness programme is designed to explore:

  • Positive mental wellbeing
  • The 7 Principals to adopting & integrating positive mental health
  • Empowering individuals to make small but significant changes which can be easily integrated in to their everyday personal and work-life.

Participants will use creative means to explore:

  • Personal attitudes to acute & chronic stress
  • Coping strategies to minimise the impact of stress on an individual
  • The physiological components of the brain – Parasympathetic & Sympathetic NS
  • Fight, flight, faint & freeze responses
  • Awareness of behavioural, emotional & cognitive changes which occur during stressful events and situations

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