Romeo & Juliet - Second Edition - Play Text & Portfolio Book


This Second Edition of’s market-leading Romeo and Juliet offers teachers a range of opportunities to engage with and assess students, using carefully scaffolded written tasks, oral activities and exam questions. Students are supported in their study with clear annotations and explanations. A consistent, step-by-step approach ensures real understanding and embeds knowledge so students are not only prepared for their Junior Cycle exam, but confident to study Shakespeare at Leaving Certificate. With a huge emphasis on stagecraft, performance and creativity throughout, this edition is sure to engage students and bring Romeo and Juliet to life in the classroom.

  • Includes FREE ebook version
  • All scenes are introduced with clear learning intentions, a summary of the action and a bank of useful terms.
  • Numbered annotations explain unfamiliar words and phrases in simple, modern English.
  • NEW! Plot Point boxes provide an overview of what is happening in scenes.
  • Important dialogue is clearly identified to support independent study.
  • NEW! Integrated Looking at Language feature promotes literacy and understanding of language devices used in the play.
  • NEW! Spotlight feature focuses attention on key areas such as important speeches and stagecraft techniques.
  • NEW! Shakespeare’s World boxes offer context by explaining relevant beliefs, traditions and customs of Shakespeare’s time.
  • End-of-scene overviews provide a simple summary of key themes and events and highlight important quotes.
  • End-of-scene Reviewing, Exploring, Creating, Oral Language and Reflecting tasks quickly and simply assess knowledge and understanding as students move through the play; offer active learning ideas; and provide integrated opportunities for pair and group work.
  • NEW! Linking to the Exam feature highlights a relevant past or sample SEC exam question at the end of each act and extensively supports students to plan and answer it.
  • Examining the Play section provides for comprehensive understanding of plot, character development and key themes and gives clear guidance on approaching drama questions.
  • The accompanying Romeo and Juliet Portfolio completes the package with a range of tasks to further understanding and engagement, and prepare for assessment.