Earth - 2nd edition (ebook only)


Note: The Earth Second Edition ebook licence redeem code you will be emailed also redeems the ebook version of Earth Elective 5 OR Earth Elective 4. 

Features of the Earth Second Edition ebook:

Earth Second Edition maintains the much-loved features of the original Earth textbook. Brand new elements and timely updates have been added to provide an even better classroom experience for students and teachers alike. Upgrade to the Second Edition for…

  • Exam Analysis at the beginning of chapters, helping students to immediately focus in on key content and possible questions.
  • Brand new dedicated Geographical Investigation chapter preparing students to carry out and complete their report, worth 20% of their final mark.
  • Easier planning, teaching and assessing as each chapter is further broken down into lessons with Learning Intentions and Test Yourself assessment questions.
  • Fresh case studies and up-to-date real world information in areas such as Covid-19 and Brexit.
  • Simplified language and content for well-paced, comprehensive coverage of the course. Earth Second Edition has exam language for all learners.
  • Brand new Examiner’s Comments on each sample answer, showing students where and how to gain marks.
  • Most recent exam questions reflecting the latest trends.