Power and People - ebook only


*** Ebook works on ALL computers (desktop and laptop) and devices (including iPads and Android tablets) ***


Note:  The printed Power and People Combined Skills Book and Reflective Journal is available for separate purchase here

  • Written in a clear, factual style with up-to-date information and commentary, Power and People matches the requirements of the Leaving Certificate Politics and Society specification and sample papers.
  • With Key Thinker information integrated within topics, contemporary Irish and international Case Studies for relevant topics, real examples of research and media coverage for vital context and questions designed to match the three sections of the SEC sample papers, Power and People offers a comprehensive approach to this new Leaving Certificate course
  • Learning intentions (‘By the end of this chapter you will be able to’) stated at the beginning of each chapter focus learning and offer a clear path through the material
  • Information is organised into manageable chunks, making use of bullet points, summary boxes and headings.
  • Questions at regular intervals allow for ongoing assessment
  • Key Terms are highlighted clearly in purple boxes
  • Clearly signposted Key Thinkers are integrated at relevant points within the text
  • Imagery, graphs and mapping are used to give context and appeal to the visual learner
  • Regularly signposted Skills Book links, activities and research tasks offer students a chance to reflect, revise and put their learning into practice
  • Thoughtful Case Studies allow students to interact with the material, with many contemporary Irish and international examples
  • What The Research Says! and In the Media boxes offer up-to-date context and topical examples to bring discussions on education, politics, rights and many more topics to life
  • Active learning strategies such as Think–Pair–Share, Jigsaw Learning and Group Work opportunities are included throughout
  • Chapter summaries allow students to draw conclusions and make links with the next chapter
  • Chapters end with revision-style questions which are specifically designed to match the three main sections of the SEC sample papers with Short-Answer Questions for Section A, Research Data-Based Questions for Section B and Discursive Essay Questions for Section C