Real Maths 1 - Leaving Certificate Foundation Level - ebook only


** Ebook works on ALL computers (desktop and laptop) and devices (including iPads and Android tablets) ***


Real Maths is the first maths series written for Leaving Certificate Foundation Level students. Real Maths 1 and Real Maths 2 cover all five strands of the course. The clear and accessible language, worked-out examples, focus on problem solving and graded questions will allow you to move confidently through the Foundation Level Maths course.

Key features of Real Maths 1:

• The Right Foundation (introductory chapter) teaches calculator and problem-solving skills.

• Learning Intentions and Keywords appear at the start of every chapter.

• Structured examples demonstrate how to tackle new concepts.

• Graded exercises include relevant exam questions and real-life questions.

• Activities and challenges develop problem-solving skills.

• Revision exercises at the end of every chapter reinforce learning.

• KeywordRevision and Formula checklists help track progress.

• Answers are included at the back of the textbook.

• Worked-out solutions are available free for teachers (with class adoption) at