Turas 1 - 2nd edition (ebook only)


Turas 1 – An Dara hEagrán has been reviewed by practising teachers across a wide range of teaching settings. It maintains the much-loved features of the market-leading Turas 1 textbook. Timely updates have been added to provide an even better classroom experience for students and teachers alike.

  • Ebook version has all audio for listening exercises playable on each page.  
  • A JCT-recommended approach to literature, using texts from the NCCA recommended reading list
  • Exam-style questions written in response to the SEC Sample Papers
  • Up-to-date texts on real-world topics of interest to students
  • More listening comprehensions to help develop key language skills
  • A fully spiral approach to language where students regularly meet and revisit Learning Outcomes in a carefully sequenced way
  • The Turas 1 app, which allows students to practise Junior Cycle Irish on the go with chapter-based exercises. The audio for all the listening comprehensions is also available on the app.